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                                   Two generations....



     The Ludden’s are a father and daughter team working together for over 17 years creating, designing, and making elegant handcrafted jewelry. The Ludden’s creations draw significantly upon their surroundings and travels. Rolf is married to Andrea’s mother, an archaeologist, who for many years co-created many of the designs. Over the years their daughter, Andrea Jr. has taken over her mother’s role in the studio as well as the business end.


     Some of the designs and inspirations for the form and color of the jewelry comes from ancient civilizations such as the Southwest. Drawing upon a rich and varied background, Rolf and Andrea Jr. create pieces that reflect a diverse range of influences. Rolf and Andrea (also an archaeologist) have now discovered a peace of mind through the creation of their unique and individual jewelry. Today their lives revolve around the mastery of metal work and gem design techniques with an intuitive sense of color, which capture both the imagination and the eye. The Ludden’s formal training in the craft includes:  


Lapidary Studies

San Diego Gem & Mineral Society

Oil, Water, & Acrylic Painting

Houston, Texas  

Jewelry Fabrication

Rodney Moen, New Mexico


Angel Ramos, University Of New Mexico  


Austin Museum Of Art, Texas  



           Earth & Sky Jewelry’s unique style derives from mixing a rich blend of innovative and elegant designs to create a beautiful synthesis of free form and contemporary fashion. When asked about the design concepts, Andrea Jr. explains, “We always design with the individual in mind, and strive to give each creation a degree of flexibility to ensure the perfect fit and the ultimate comfort.”

            Rolf and Andrea employs such techniques as forging, acid etching, fusing, soldering, embossing, folding, raising, and patina which produces lustrous tonal hues. We do not cast to ensure one-of-a-kind pieces.

Each piece is signed with RAL, which stands for Rolf and Andrea Ludden.


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